Past Events


Jonathan Weare, Professor, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University

CAM Colloquium: Jonathan Weare

4:00–5:00 pm Jones 303

TUESDAY, June 6, 2023, AT 4:00 PM, in Jones 303, 5747 S. Ellis
JONATHAN WEARE, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
“Iterative Random Sparsification and Convergence of a Fast Randomized Jacobi Iteration”

Jun 6
Kim-Chuan Toh, Prof. National University of Singapore

CAM Colloquium: Kim-Chuan Toh

9:30–10:30 am Jones 303

KIM-CHUAN TOH, Department of Mathematics and Institute of Operations Research and Analytics, National University of Singapore
“Algorithms for Semidefinite Programming”

May 30

CAM and Stats Masters Students End of Year Picnic

5:00–7:00 pm Promontory Point

CAM and Stats MASTERS Students End of Year Picnic at the Point.

May 28
Omar Ghattas, PhD Student

Student Seminar: Omar Ghattas

4:00–5:30 pm Jones 111

Dissertation Proposal Presentation
OMAR GHATTAS, Department of Statistics, The University of  Chicago
“Non-Asymptotic Analysis of Ensemble Kalman Updates”

May 24
Wei Kuang, PhD Student

Student Seminar: Wei Kuang

3:00–4:00 pm Via Zoom

Dissertation Proposal Presentation
WEI KUANG, Department of Statistics, The University of Chicago
“Statistical Inference for Inexact Stochastic Newton Algorithm”

May 24

Mini-Seminars for Second-Year PhDs

1:00–4:00 pm Jones 303

Moderator: Soumyabrata Kundu

May 19
Huy Dang Tran, PhD candidate

Student Seminar: Huy Dang Tran

11:00 am–12:30 pm Jones 303

Dissertation Proposal Presentation
HUY DANG TRAN, Department of Statistics, The University of Chicago
“New Methodologies for High-Dimensional Data Under Structured Sparsity”

May 19
Russell Lyons, Department of Mathematics, Indiana University

Statistics Colloquium: Russell Lyons

4:30–5:30 pm Math/Stat 112

RUSSELL LYONS, Department of Mathematics, Indiana University
“Voronoi Tessellations without Nuclei”

May 18
Chi-Kwong Li

CAM Colloquium: Chi-Kwong Li

3:00–4:00 pm Jones 303

CHI-KWONG LI, Department of Mathematics, College of William and Mary & Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo
 “Some Recent Results in Quantum Tomography”  

May 18
Irina Cristali, PhD Candidate

Student Seminar: Irina Cristali

2:30–4:00 pm Jones 304

Dissertation Proposal Presentation
IRINA CRISTALI, Department of Statistics, The University of Chicago
“Two Applications of Machine Learning: Causally Estimating Peer Influence on Networks and Learning Concepts from Text and Images”

May 17