Consulting Program

New Stats Consulting Clinic

Our Consulting Clinic is now CLOSED for the year and no longer accepting new requests. We will resume operation in Autumn Quarter.

Dear members of the UChicago Community,

As part of its free consulting program, the Department of Statistics would like to introduce a new free online consulting format to provide more support to our research community: the Statistics Clinic. In addition to our usual consulting program this quarter, we offer the opportunity for members of the community to reach out to our group of statistics faculty members, doctoral candidates and experienced master's students, and seek guidance in areas such as:

  1. Experimental design and data acquisition
  2. Data exploration, analysis, and interpretation
  3. Modeling data and model fitting
  4. Statistical inference for estimation, testing, and prediction

The clinic does not offer coding nor implementation help. Rather, it is an opportunity for members of the research community to efficiently seek help and advice with their own analyses. Additional more hands-on help by our group can also be arranged for adequate projects.

Process: Special arrangements are in place for Spring Quarter of 2021, in accordance with university guidance pertaining to distance learning.  Please sign up for an appointment with members of our consulting team at the following link. After your form is submitted, our consultants will be in touch via email to schedule your remote consulting appointment, to be conducted via a teleconferencing app such as Zoom. We aim to give an initial response within 24 hours, and to schedule an initial meeting within the same week your request is received.


Claire Donnat, Program Co-Chair
Peter McCullagh, Program Chair
Mei Wang, Program Co-Chair
Department of Statistics
University of Chicago

March 30, 2021