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The Department of Statistics invites faculty, staff, and students of the University to participate in its consulting program. Consultation is provided by graduate students of the Department with guidance from faculty members. Assistance is available in the areas of applied probability, statistical design, choice and application of statistical models, statistical computation and simulation methods, analysis of data, and interpretation of results. Clients are encouraged to seek consultation at the design stage of their research.

There is no fee for participation in the program, but participants will generally be required to make available a machine-readable version of their data.

Participation will be limited to projects judged to provide the greatest potential benefits for both consultants and clients. In addition, as the number of quarterly requests for consultation generally exceeds the capacity of the program, potential clients are encouraged to make their participation requests early in the quarter. The program does not provide tutoring services, course work assistance, or emergency consulting.

The program operates during the fall, winter, and spring quarters, and is closed during the summer and end-of-quarter breaks. If you submit a consulting request during any end-of-quarter break period, it will not be processed until the beginning of the following quarter.

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