Photos from LNY 2023

Special thanks to all of the organizers who made it possible!

Xiao (Annie) Xie, PhD Student
Chief organizer: Annie Xie
Yuguan Wang, PhD Student
Chinese food: Yuguan Wang
Aabesh Bhattacharyya, PhD Student
Indian food: Aabesh Bhattacharyya
Soham Bonnerjee, PhD Student
Indian food: Soham Bonnerjee
Rohan Hore, PhD Student
Indian food: Rohan Hore
Jimmy Lederman, PhD Student
Indian food: Jimmy Lederman
Mei Wang, Senior Instructional Professor
Beverages, desserts: Mei Wang
Trays of Chinese, Indian, and Korean foods
Lunar New Year lunch begins
More people gather to enjoy the food!
A panned photo of the trays of food
Prof. Stigler is in line with others to select food.
Students gathered around the table
Close up of food trays
Some spicy dishes!