Policy on the Length of Study in the Master’s Program in Statistics

Last update: Fall 2017

  1. Full-time students pursuing a Master's Degree in Statistics are expected to meet all requirements and complete the entire program of study in no more than two years.
  2. If a student expects to be absent from the Master's program for one or more academic quarters, the student must either withdraw from the program or apply for a leave of absence.
  3. A student applying for a leave of absence for an academic quarter should submit an application and a written plan in the preceding academic quarter. The plan should state when and how the program of study will be continued and completed.
  4. The application and the plan for continuing study must be approved by the student's advisor and the Department.
  5. The above written plan will be kept in the student's record. The student should follow the plan to resume and complete the program.
  6. For part-time students, a "year" is considered to be any sequence of quarters during which the student registers for a total of nine courses.

Failure to meet the above terms will result in dismissal from the program unless a waiver is granted by the department.