Graduate Programs

The Department of Statistics offers an exciting and recently revamped Ph.D. program that involves students in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in a wide variety of fields. Statistics has become a core component of research in the biological, physical, and social sciences, as well as in traditional computer science domains such as artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Statistics, the theory, methodology and practice of analyzing data, is a fundamental tool in all sciences, and has emerged as a central tool for prediction in a host of applications that have evolved around mobile computing, finance, marketing and the world wide web. The Master's program in Statistics at the University of Chicago is an exciting combination of a professional degree preparing you for work in these emerging fields, and, for those who wish, a preparation for doctoral study in any field in which statistics or data science is heavily used.  

Students with questions may contact Yali Amit for PhD Studies, Mei Wang for Masters Studies, and Keisha Prowoznik for all other questions, Bahareh Lampert (Dean of Students in the Physical Sciences Division), or Amanda Young (Associate Director, Graduate Student Affairs) in UChicagoGRAD.