Spring 2024 STAT 27815

Course: STAT 27815=STAT 37815

Title: Practical R Programming

Instructor(s): Ryan McShane

Teaching Assistant(s): TBA

Class Schedule: Sec 1: MW 1:30 PM-3:20 PM in Jones 226

Description: This course covers a practical set of skills vital to modern statistics and data science in handling messy, real-world data. Students will get a foundation in version control and practice expressing themselves with literate programming. They will think algorithmically with base R objects, control flow, functions, and iteration. The course will also introduce students to a variety of tidyverse data wrangling methods to import, clean, transform, join, and summarize their data. Finally, students will visualize and explore data using the grammar of graphics framework. Other introductory topics may be discussed. No programming experience is required, although some may be helpful.