Autumn 2019 STAT 11800=CMSC 11800

Course: STAT 11800=CMSC 11800

Title: Introduction to Data Science I

Instructor(s): Dan Nicolae and Michael Franklin

Teaching Assistant(s): Abby Stevens

Class Schedule: Sec 01:TR 11:00 AM–12:20 PM in Ryerson 251

Office Hours:

Textbook(s): TBA

Description: Data science provides tools for gaining insight into specific problems using data, through computation, statistics and visualization. This course introduces students to all aspects of a data analysis process, from posing questions, designing data collection strategies, management+storing and processing of data, exploratory tools and visualization, statistical inference, prediction, interpretation and communication of results. Simple techniques for data analysis are used to illustrate both effective and fallacious uses of data science tools. Although this course is designed to be at the level of mathematical sciences courses in the Core, with little background required, we expect the students to develop computational skills that will allow them to analyze data. Computation will be done using Python and Jupyter Notebook.