Dissertations Catalog

Title Author Year Copies in Jones 203
Models and Inference for Microbiome Data Tang, Yunfan 2018 1
Geometric Methods in Statistics and Optimization Wong, Sze Wai 2018 1
Some Metric Properties of Planar Gaussian Free Field Goswami, Subhajit 2017 1
Multiple Testing with Prior Structural Information Li, Ang 2017 1
Two Problems in Percolation Theory Li, Li 2017 1
High-Dimensional First Passage Percolation and Occupational Densities of Branching Random Walks Tang, Si 2017 1
Applications of Adaptive Shrinkage in Multiple Statistical Problems Wang, Wei 2017 1
On the Optimal Estimation, Control, and Modeling of Dynamical Systems Xu, Wanting 2017 1
Estimation and Inference for High-Dimensional Times Series Zhang, Danna 2017 1
A Bayesian Large-Scale Multiple Regression Model for Genome-Wide Association Summary Statistics Zhu, Xiang 2017 1
High-Dimensional Generative Models: Shrinkage, Composition, and Autoregression Goessling, Marc 2016 1
High-Dimensional Graph Esimation and Density Estimation Liu, Zhe 2016 1
Statistical Methods for Climactic Processes with Temporal Non-Stationarity Poppick, Andrew 2016 1
Estimating the Integrated Parameter of the Locally Parametric Model in High Frequency Data Potiron, Yoann 2016 1
Extreme Values of Log-Correlated Gaussian Fields Roy, Rishideep 2016 1
Poisson Multiscale Methods for High-Throughput Sequencing Data Xing, Zhengrong 2016 1
Two Problems in High-Dimensional Inference: L2 Test by Resampling and Graph Estimation of Non-Stationary Time Series Xu, Mengyu 2016 1
Constrained and Localized Forms of Statistical Minimax Theory Zhu, Yuancheng 2016 1
Statistical Methods in Joint Modeling of Longitudinal and Survival Data Dempsey, Walter 2015 1
Residual Likelihood Analysis for Spatial Mixed Linear Models Dutta, Somak 2015 1
Two Projects in Gaussian Random Space-Time Statistics Horrell, Michael 2015 2
Exponential Series Approaches for Nonparametric Graphical Models Janofsky, Eric 2015 1
Three Essays on Statistical Models for Computer Vision Ng, Lian Huan 2015 1
Contact Processes on Random Graphs Su, Wei 2015 1
Three Essays in Mathematical Finance Wang, Ruming 2015 1
Interpretation and Inference of Linear Structural Equation Models Fox, Christopher 2014 1
Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Analysis in Samples with Related Individuals and Population Structure Jiang, Duo 2014 1
Mixed-Model Methods for Genome-Wide Association Analysis with Binary Traits Zhong, Sheng 2014 1
Statistical Methods for Climate Ensembles Castruccio, Stefano 2013 1
Inferring Effective Migration from Geographically Indexed Genetic Data Petkova, Desislava 2013 1
Functional Data Methods for Genome-Wide Association Studies Reimherr, Matthew 2013 1
Large Scale Multiple Testing for Data with Spatial Signals Zhong, Yunda 2013 1
Prediction and Model Selection for High-Dimensional Data with Sparse or Low-Rank Structure Barber, Rina Foygel 2012 1
Random Walk Metropolis Chains on the Hypercube Barta, Winfried 2012 1
Estimation of Covariance Matrix for High-Dimensional Data and High-Frequency Data Chang, Changgee 2012 1
Wavelet Analysis in Spatial Interpolation of High-Frequency Monitoring Data Chang, Xiaohui 2012 1
Infinitely Exchangeable Partition, Tree and Graph-Valued Stochastic Processes Crane, Harry 2012 1
Non-Stationary Models for Spatial-Temporal Processes Guinness, Joseph 2012 1
From Bayes Calculation to Efficient Integration of Studies: Three Statistical Problems Han, Han 2012 1
Kriging Prediction with Estimated Covariances Kwon, Darongsae 2012 1
Local Properties of Irregularly Observed Gaussian Fields Lee, Myoungji 2012 1
Estimation of Leverage Effect Wang, Dan 2012 1
Nonparametric Inference on Nonstationary Time Series Zhang, Ting 2012 1
Modeling Axially Symmetric Gaussian Processes on Spheres Hitczenko, Marcin 2011 1
An Exponential Tilt Approach to Generalized Linear Models Huang, Alan 2011 1
Online Inference for Time Series and Series Estimation Under Dependence Huang, Yinxiao 2011 1
Bayesian Analysis of Genetic Association Data, Account for Heterogeneity Wen, Xiaoquan 2011 1
Simultaneous Inference on Sample Covariances Xiao, Han 2011 1
Robust Network Inference with Multivariate T-Distributions Finegold, Michael A. 2010 1
Capacity Analysis of Attractor Neural Networks with Binary Neurons and Discrete Synapses Huang, Yibi 2010 1
Displaced Lognormal and Displaced Heston Volatility Skews: Analysis and Applications to Stochastic Volatility Simulations Wang, Dan 2010 1
Wavelet Analysis for Non-stationary Time Series Models Wang, Wenlong 2010 1
Locally Mean Reverting Processes Lynch, Phillip 2009 1
Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Mapping of Complex Traits with Related Individuals Wang, Zuoheng 2009 1
OneClass Boosting and Its Application to Classification Problems Xu, Qingqing 2009 1
Non-stationary Time Series Analysis, a Nonlinear Systems Approach Zhou, Zhou 2009 1
Generalized Parametric Models Atlason, Oli Thor 2008 1
Geometric Approaches in the Analysis of Genetic Data De la Cruz Cabrera, Omar 2008 1
Statistical Methods for Genetic Association Mapping and a Related Likelihood Approach Ke, Baoguan 2008 1
Adaptive Evolution of Conserved Non-Coding Elements Kim, Su Yeon 2008 1
Robustness of Volatility Estimation Li, Yingying 2008 2
Statistical Inference for Multivariate Nonlinear Time Series Matteson, David Scott 2008 1
Trade Classification and Nearly-Gamma Random Variables Rosenthal, Dale W.R. 2008 1
Restricted Parameter Space Models for Testing Gene-Gene Interaction Song, Minsun 2008 1
Critical Branching Random Walks and Spatial Epidemics Zheng, Xinghua 2008 1
Methods for Confounding Adjustment in Time Series Data: Applications to Short Term Effects of Air Pollution on Respiratory Health Zibman, Chava 2008 1
Point Process Models for Astronomy: Quasars, Coronal Mass Ejections, and Solar Flares Hugeback, Angela Beth 2007 1
Characteristics of Model Errors in an Air Quality Model and Fixed-Domain Asymptotics Properties of Spatial Cross-Periodograms Lim, Chae Young 2007 1
Nonparametric Inference for Stochastic Diffusion Models Zhao, Zhibiao 2007 1
Statistical Models for Object Classification and Detection Bernstein, Elliot Joel 2006 1
Likelihood Methods for Potential Outcomes Jager, Abigail L. 2006 1
Estimating Error Rates for Independent and Dependent Test Statistics Ostrovnaya, Irina A. 2006 1
Statistical Evaluation of Multiresolution Model Output and Spectral Analysis for Nonlinear Time Series Shao, Xiaofeng 2006 1
Infinite Exchangeability and Partitions and Permanent Process and Classification Models Yang, Jie 2006 1
Estimating Deformations of Isotropic Gaussian Random Fields Anderes, Ethan 2005 1
Two Problems in Environmetrics Im, Hae Kyung 2005 1
Space-Time Models and Their Applications to Air Pollution Jun, Mikyoung 2005 1
Statistical Inference for Genetic Analysis in Related Individuals Thornton, Timothy Alvin 2005 1
Two Statistical Problems in Gene Mapping Zheng, Maoxia 2005 1
Statistical and Computational Methods for Complex Multicenter Data Analysis Bouman, Peter 2004 1
Nature of Spatial Variation in Crop Yields, The Clifford, David Jeremiah 2004 1
Inference on Time Series Driven by Dependent Innovations Min, Wanli 2004 1
Modeling the Stock Price Process as a Continuous Time Jump Process Sen, Rituparna 2004 1
Statistical Inference for Multi-Color Optical Mapping Data Tong, Liping 2004 1
Epidemic Modelling: SIRS Models Dolgoarshinnykh, Regina G. 2003 1
Problem Of Coexistence in Multi-Type Competition Models, The Kordzakhia, George 2003 1
On Two Topics with No Bridge: Bridge Sampling with Dependent Draws and Bias of the Multiple Imputation Variance Estimator Romero, Martin 2003 1
Sequential Clustering Algorithm with Applications to Gene Expression Data, A Song, Jongwoo 2003 1
Likelihood Approach for Monte Carlo Integration, A Tan, Zhiqiang 2003 1
Spatial Statistics for Modeling Phytoplankton Welty, Leah Jeannine 2003 1
Bridge Sampling with Dependent Random Draws: Techniques and Strategy Servidea, James Dominic 2002 1
Nonlinear Measurement Error Models with Multivariate and Differently Scaled Surrogates Velazquez, Ricardo 2002 1
Optimal Sampling Design and Parameter Estimation of Gaussian Random Fields Zhu, Zhengyuan 2002 1
Multivalent Framework for Approximate and Exact Sampling and Resampling Craiu, Virgil Radu 2001 1
Instrumental Variables in Survival Analysis Harvey, Danielle J. 2001 1
Estimating the Large-Scale Structure of the Universe Using QSO Carbon IV Absorbers Loh, Ji Meng 2001 1
Options and Discontinuity: An Asymptotic Decomposition for Trading Algorithms Song, Seongjoo 2001 1
Statistical Problem in Human Genetics: Multipoint Fine-Scale Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping by the Decay of Haplotype Sharing Strahs, Andrew Louis 2001 1
Two Statistical Problems in Human Genetics: I. Detection of Pedigree Errors Prior to Genetic Mapping Studies. II. Identification of Polymorphisms that Explain a Linkage Result Sun, Lei 2001 1
Linkage Disequilibrium Mapping by the Decay of Haplotype Sharing in a Founder Population Zhang, Jian 2001 1
From Martingales to ANOVA: Implied and Realized Volatility Zhang, Lan 2001 1
Hedging of Contingent Claims Under Model Uncertainty: A Data-Driven Approach Hayashi, Takaki 2000 1
Categorical Imperative: Extendibility Considerations for Statistical Models, The Wit, Ernst-Jan Camiel 2000 1
Modeling Latitudinal Correlations for Satellite Data Choi, Dongseok 1999 1
Allele Sharing Models in Gene Mapping: A Likelihood Approach Nicolae, Dan Liviu 1999 1
Prediction of Random Fields and Modeling of Spatial-Temporal Satellite Data Fuentes, Montserrat 1998 1
Two-Dimensional Hidden Markov Models for Speech Recognition Li, Jiayu 1998 1
Confidence Intervals for Gene Location: The Effect of Model Misspecification and Smoothing Sen, Saunak 1998 2
At the Confluence of the EM Algorithm and Markov Chain Monte Carlo: Theory and Applications Vaida, Florin Alexandru 1998 1
Statistical Model for Computer Recognition of Sequences of Handwritten Digits, with Applications to ZIP Codes, A Wang, Steve C. 1998 1
Statistical Inference Using Estimating Functions Chen, Chih-Rung 1997 1
Estimating Treatment Effects in Observational Studies: Properties of an Estimator Based on Propensity Scores Clements, Nancy C. 1997 1
Options Pricing with Transaction Costs: An Asymptotic Approach Liang, Jennifer Bo 1997 1
Variance-Reducing Modifications for Estimators of Dependence in Random Sets Picka, Jeffrey David 1997 1
Statistical Inference in Population Genetics Pluzhnikov, Anna 1997 1
Simulating First-Passage Times and the Maximum of Stochastic Differential Equations: An Error Analysis Simonsen, Kaare Krantz 1997 1
Modeling the Correlation Structure of the TOMS Ozone Data and Lattice Sampling Design for Isotropic Random Fields Fang, Dongping 1996 1
Monte Carlo Methods in Linkage Analysis Frigge, Michael L. 1996 1
Averaged Likelihood Hung, Hui-Nien 1996 1
Some Inferential Aspects of Empirical Likelihood Lazar, Nicole Alana 1996 1
Deformable Templates and Image Compression Ambrosius, Walter Thomas 1995 1
Cross-Match Procedures for Multiple-Imputation Inference: Bayesian Theory and Frequentist Evaluation Barnard, John 1995 1
Inter-Event Distance Methods for the Statistical Analysis of Spatial Point Processes Collins, Linda Brant 1995 1
Adjustment for Covariates in the Analysis of Clinical Trials Dong, Li Ming 1995 1
Construction, Implementation, and Theory of Algorithms Based on Data Augmentation and Model Reduction Van Dyk, David Anthony 1995 1
Statistical Inference and Nuisance Parameters Zhang, Qi-Yu 1995 1
Asymptotic Expansions for Martingales and Improvement of the P-Value Estimate in the Two-Sample Problem in Survival Analysis Chan, Siu-Kai 1994 2
Discrimination and Classification Using Conditionally Independent Marginal Mixtures Lazaridis, Emmanuel Nicholas 1994 1
Fisher Information in Order Statistics Park, Sangun 1994 2
Some Results Connected with Random Effects in Logistic Models Shun, Zhenming 1994 1
Asymptotics and Robustness for Genetic Linkage Mapping Wright, Fred Andrew 1994 1
Estimation of the Nearest Neighbor Distribution for Spatial Point Processes Flores-Roux, Ernesto M. 1993 1
Method of Investigating High-Dimensional Densities, A Levenson, Mark Steven 1993 1
Using Interactive Recursive Partitioning to Improve Rule-Based Expert Systems Meyer, Peter M. 1993 1
Effect of Temporal Aggregation in Gamma Regression Models Used to Estimate Trends in Sulfate Deposition, The Styer, Patricia Eileen 1993 1
Estimation of Superimposed Exponentially Damped Sinusoids: A Weighted Linear Prediction Approach Lam, Ming-Long 1992 1
Some Topics in the Moment-Based Theory of Statistical Inference Li, Bing 1992 1
Asymptotic Theory for Linear Functions of Ordered Observations Xiang, Xiaojing 1992 1
Deconvolution and Jump Detection Using the Method of Local Approximation with Applications to Magnetic Resonance Imaging Ye, Jianming 1992 1
Collection and Analysis of Truncated Censored Data Chappell, Rick 1991 1
Estimation of Dispersion Components in the Logistic Mixed Model Drum, Melinda Louise 1991 1
Retrospective Detection of Sudden Changes of Variance in Time Series Inclan, Carla H. 1991 2
Correlation Structure and Convergence Rate of the Gibbs Sampler Liu, Jun 1991 1
Space-Time ARMA Models for Satellite Ozone Data Niu, Xufeng 1991 1
Convergence Rate of Maximum Likelihood Estimates, the Method of Sieves, and Related Estimates, The Shen, Xiaotong 1991 1
Choice of Covariates in the Analysis of Clinical Trials Beach, Michael Lindsay 1990 1
Inference for Spatial Gaussian Random Fields When the Objective Is Prediction Handcock, Mark Stephen 1989 1
On Statistical Image Reconstruction Johnson, Valen Earl 1989 1
Topics in Series Approximations to Distribution Functions Kolassa, John Edward 1989 1
Predictive Regression Estimators of the Finite Population Mean Using Functions of the Probability of Selection Rizzo, Louis Philip 1989 1
Specifying Inner Structure in Multiple Time Series Analysis Norton, Phillip Nelson 1988 1
Designing an Observational Study Using Estimated Propensity Scores Thomas, Stacy Neal Jr. 1988 1
Some Divergence Measures for Time Series Models and Their Applications Xu, Daming 1988 1
Efficient Estimation in Semiparametric Models Severini, Thomas Alan 1987 1
Laplacian and Uniform Expansions with Applications to Multidimensional Sampling Skates, Steven James 1987 0
Dual Geometries and Their Applications to Generalized Linear Models Vos, Paul William 1987 1
Analysis of a Set of Coarsely Grouped Data Heitjan, Daniel Francis 1985 1
Restricted Mean Life with Adjustment for Covariates Karrison, Theodore G. 1985 1
Hypothesis Testing in Multiple Imputation--With Emphasis on Mixed-Up Frequencies in Contingency Tables Li, Kim-Hung 1985 1
Multiple Imputation for Interval Estimation from Surveys with Ignorable Nonresponse Schenker, Nathaniel 1985 1
Bayes and Likelihood Methods for Prediction and Estimation in the Ar(1) Model Lahiff, Maureen 1984 1
Limit Theorems for Mixing Arrays Shott, Susan 1983 1
Use of the Correction for Attenuation Estimator with Judgmental Information Schafer, Daniel William 1982 1
Nonparametric Estimation of the Hazard Function from Censored Data Tanner, Martin Abba 1982 1
Missing Values in Factor Analysis Brown, Charles Hendricks 1981 1
Estimation of First Crossing Time Distributions for Some Generalized Brownian Motion Processes Relative to Upper Class Boundaries Sen, Pradip Kumar 1981 1
Convergence Rates Related to the Strong Law of Large Numbers Fill, James Allen 1980 1
Riemannian Structure of Model Spaces: A Geometrical Approach to Inference, The Kass, Robert E. 1980 1
Time Series Analysis of Binary Data Keenan, Daniel Macrae 1980 1
General Maximum Likelihood Approach to the Cox Regression Model, The Bailey, Kent Roberts 1979 1
Special Functions and the Characterization of Probability Distributions by Constant Regression of Polynomial Statistics on the Mean Heller, Barbara Ruth 1979 1
Analysis of Survival Data with Covariates and Censoring Using a Piecewise Exponential Model Friedman, Michael 1978 1
Complete Class Theorems for Invariant Tests in Multivariate Analysis Marden, John Iglehart 1978 1
Estimation of Linear Relationships Between Variables Subject to Random Errors De Wet, Andries Gerhardus 1977 2
Improved Procedures for Estimating Correlation Matrix Lin, Shang-Ping 1977 1
Maximum Likelihood Estimation for Exponential Families with Nonlinear Constraints on the Natural Parameter Space Lin, Lung-Ying 1976 1
Transformations of Multivariate Data and Tests for Multivariate Normality Machado, Stella Barbara Green 1976 2
Logistic Model for Quantal Response Data and a General Bias-Correcting Technique Verjee, Suleman Sultanally 1975 1
Statistical Considerations in Estimating the Current Population of the United States Fay, III, Robert E. 1974 1
Multivariate Rank Statistics for Shift Alternatives Koziol, James Alexander 1974 1
Functional Analogues of Iterated Logarithm Type Laws for Empirical Distribution Functions Whose Arguments Tend to 0 at an Intermediate Rate Mcbride, Jim 1974 1
Mixed-up Frequencies and Missing Data in Contingency Tables Chen, Tar 1972 1
Nonparametric Quantal Response Estimation Procedures Davis, Henry T. 1972 1
Comparison of Classification and Hypothesis Testing Procedures for Separate Families of Hypotheses Dyer, Alan Richard 1972 1
Probabilities of Medium and Large Deviations with Statistical Applications Gupta, Jagdish Chandra 1972 1
Maximum Likelihood Approaches to Causal Flow Analysis Keesling, James Wood 1972 1
Approximate Confidence Regions from Cluster Analysis Landwehr, James Marlin 1972 2
Some Statistical Methods for the Study of Quantitative Genetic Traits Wiorkowski, John James 1972 1
Counted Data Models for Some Small Group Problems Larntz, Jr., Francis Kinley 1971 1
On Some Estimators of the Parameters of the Pareto Distribution Sharma, Divakar 1971 1
Extremal Processes Weissman, Ishay 1971 1
General Log-Linear Model, The Haberman, Shelby, Ph.D. 1970 1
Estimation and Prediction from Projected Data Miller, Don H. 1970 1
On Yates's Approximation for the Missing Value Problem in Model I Analysis of Variance Marshall, Jack 1969 1
Estimating Population Size in the Particle Scanning Context Sanathanan, Lalitha Padman, Ph.D. 1969 1
General Skorohod Space and Its Application to thee Weak Convergence of Stochastic Processes with Several Parameters Straf, Miron Lowel 1969 1
Tests and Confidence Intervals from Transformed Data Land, Charles Even 1968 1
Accuracy of Seven Approximations for the Null Distribution of the Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Statistic Yarnold, James K. 1968 1
Berry-Esseen Bounds for the Multi-Dimensional Central Limit Theorem Bhattacharya, Rabindra N. 1967 1
Some Multi-dimensional Incomplete Block Designs Causey, Beverly Douglas 1967 1
Some Applications of Probability in the Theory of Orthogonal Functions Gundy, Richard Floyd 1966 1
Winsorizing with a Covariate to Improve Efficiency Snyder, Mitchell 1966 1
On the Stochastic Comparison of Tests of Hypotheses Abrahamson, Innis Gillian 1965 1
Allocation of Effort in the Design of Selection Procedures Scott, Alastair John 1965 1
Sufficient Conditions for the Weak Convergence of Conditional Probability Distributions in a Metric Space Trumbo, Bruce Edward 1965 1
Procedure for Selecting Independent Variables in Multiple Regression, A Carlborg, Frank William 1964 1
Improving the Robustness of Inferences Park, Heebok 1964 1
Block Up-and-Down Method in Bio-assay Tsutakawa, Robert K. 1963 1
On Stochastic Approximation Methods Venter, Johannes Hendrik 1963 1
Random Censorship Gilbert, John P. 1962 1
On the Comparison of the Means of Two Normal Populations with Unknown Variances Tao, Ying 1962 1
Incomplete Factorial Designs: Orthogonality, Non-orthogonality, and Construction of Designs Using Linear Programming Webb, Stephen R. 1962 1
Sample Mean Among the Order Statistics, The David, Herbert T. 1960 1
Multivariate k-Population Classification Problem Ellison, Bob E. 1960 1
Unbiased Sequential Estimation of a Probability De Groot, Morris H. 1958 1
Identification and Estimation in Latent Class Analysis Madansky, Albert 1958 1
Team Decision Functions Radner, Roy 1956 1