Department of Statistics Library

Our department library contains over 200 titles, including works by faculty members, textbooks used for courses, and classics of the discipline. In addition, we have hard copies of student dissertations dating back to 1956.

During the first three weeks of each quarter, Kirsten Wellman will pull all books being used in conjunction with courses. These copies are available only to professors, teaching assistants, and graders. Our course-specific library page lists the texts that are traditionally used with each course. Be advised that these books are not available to students while the course is being taught.

If you are a professor, teaching assistant, or grader, please be sure to sign out course-specific books. A sign-out sheet is kept next to the course books. Do not take a book without signing the sheet or checking it out with Kirsten. We keep track of books by copy number (denoted as "c. 1," "c. 2," etc, on the top of each copy). Be sure to sign out the same copy you take.

The rest of the department library is always available to students and faculty. Books may be checked out on a quarterly basis. You can browse our holdings on our general-reference library page or by looking at the printed listing in the "Library Catalog" binder in Jones 222. You can browse dissertations on our dissertations page. Dissertations are not available for check-out, but can be read in Jones.

If you wish to sign a book out, please sign out the book in person or send an email to Kirsten Wellman before taking the book. The library is here for your reference. Feel free to use it. Just be sure to sign out anything you take and treat the books well.