Sounak Paul

PhD Student, Sixth Year (Aut 24)

Sounak Paul
Jones 203/204


I grew up in Kolkata, India. I have a Master's in Mathematics from University of Alberta, Canada; and a Bachelor of Mathematics (B.Math) from Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. My hobbies include cricket, tennis and music.


My research broadly deals with statistical and deep learning-based methods for inverse problems involving computer vision. In particular, I work in the highly interdisciplinary research area of cryo-EM modeling, which basically aims to estimate 3D volumes from noisy projections of their rotated copies. I am also interested in time series forecasting and stochastic processes, having worked on strong limit theorems of time series possessing long memory and heavy tailed-ness during my master's degree. Over my two summers at SAS, I have helped develop a novel method of auto-tuning general ARIMA models (including seasonal and subset models) which beats popular algorithms like auto-arima and SAS Diagnose.

Last update: 9/27/23