Brent Doiron

Heinrich Kluver Professor
Departments of Neurobiology and Statistics, and the College
Chair, Committee on Computational Neuroscience
Director, Grossman Center for Quantitative Biology and Human Behavior
Member: Committee on Computational and Applied Mathematics (CCAM)

Brent Doiron
Jones 116 B
Doiron Lab:
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I received a PhD in physics from the University of Ottawa (2004), and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the Center for Neural Science at New York University (2017). I was previously a professor of mathematics at the University of Pittsburgh, where I was co-director of the Program in Neural Computation at the Neuroscience Institute at Carnegie Mellon (2007-2020).  I have received several awards, including an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship in Neuroscience, a Vannevar Bush faculty fellowship award, and a Chancellor’s Distinguished Research Award from the University of Pittsburgh. 


My research focuses on a combination of nonlinear dynamics and statistical mechanics, with an emphasis on the genesis and transfer of variability in neural circuits. I have developed core theoretical insights that have made contributions to both neural coding and network learning. Throughout my research career, I have collaborated with experimental colleagues who work in the electrosensory, olfactory, somatosensory, auditory, and visual systems.

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