Amy Nussbaum

Assistant Instructional Professor
Department of Statistics, the College, and the Data Science Institute (DSI)

Amy Nussbaum
Ryerson Laboratory, 257A


Amy Nussbaum joined the University of Chicago in Fall 2022. She holds a PhD in Statistical Sciences from Southern Methodist University, where she researched latent variables—those that cannot be measured directly, like happiness or stress. Specifically, she studies the assessment of personality traits. Most recently, she held the position of Visiting Lecturer of Statistics at Mount Holyoke College.

In addition to academia and research, she encourages understanding the use of statistics in government and industry. After graduation, she served as the inaugural Science Policy Fellow at the American Statistical Association, working to promote the practice and profession of statistics by advocating for evidence-based policy making and the federal statistical agencies, as well the lead statistician for a medical device company developing a novel imager able to detect diseased human tissue using artificial intelligence.

Last update:  10/9/23