Spring 2019 STAT 22000-2

Course: STAT 22000
Title: Statistical Methods and Applications
Instructor(s): Enakshi Saha
Teaching Assistant(s): Huanlin Zhou
Class Schedule: Sec 02: MWF 2:30 PM-3:20 PM in Eckhart 133
Office Hours:
Textbook(s): Diez, Barr, Çetinkaya-Rundel, OpenIntro Statistics, 3rd edition.
Description: This course introduces statistical techniques and methods of data analysis, including the use of statistical software. Examples are drawn from the biological, physical, and social sciences. Students are required to apply the techniques discussed to data drawn from actual research. Topics include data description, graphical techniques, exploratory data analyses, random variation and sampling, basic probability, random variables and expected values, confidence intervals and significance tests for one- and two-sample problems for means and proportions, chi-square tests, linear regression, and, if time permits, analysis of variance.