Autumn 2018 STAT 37820

Course: STAT 37820
Title: Statistical Computing B
Instructor(s): Mei Wang
Teaching Assistant(s): Yuefeng Han
Class Schedule: Sec 01:TR 9:30 AM–10:50 AM (second half of quarter) in Stuart 101
Office Hours:
Description: Statistical Computing B focuses on common data technology used in statistical computing and broader data science. The course takes place in the second half of the autumn quarter, after STAT 37810 (Statistical Computing A). Topics include storage and accessing of large data; basic working knowledge of relational database and its querying language SQL; introduction to distributed file system and example usage of Hadoop; Python and its applications in text analysis; access and usage of high-performance computer clusters; rudimentary parallel computing; and web data access. XML and Javascript may be used occasionally. A short introduction to SAS will be given if time permits. The main computing software will be Python with some R.

Prerequisite(s): Instructor Consent. STAT 37810 recommended.