Autumn 2018 STAT 36900=PBHS 33300

Course: STAT 36900=PBHS 33300
Title: Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
Instructor(s): Donald Hedeker
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 9:00 AM–10:20 AM in BSLC 202
Office Hours:
Textbook(s): Hedeker & Gibbons, Longitudinal Data Analysis, 2006
Description: Longitudinal data consist of multiple measures over time on a sample of individuals. This type of data occurs extensively in both observational and experimental biomedical and public health studies, as well as in studies in sociology and applied economics. This course will provide an introduction to the principles and methods for the analysis of longitudinal data. Whereas some supporting statistical theory will be given, emphasis will be on data analysis and interpretation of models for longitudinal data. Problems will be motivated by applications in epidemiology, clinical medicine, health services research, and disease natural history studies.

Prerequisite(s): PBHS 32400/STAT 22400 or equivalent, and PBHS 32600/STAT 22600 or PBHS 32700/STAT 22700 or equivalent; or consent of instructor.