Spring 2023 STAT 33211

Course: STAT 33211=CHDV 32411, CCTS 32411, EDSO 32411, PBPL 29411, PSYC 32411, SOCI 30318

Title:  Mediation, Moderation, and Spillover Effects

Instructor(s): Guanglei Hong

Teaching Assistant(s):

Class Schedule: Sec 1: W 1:30 PM-4:20 PM in Pick 022


Description: This course is designed for graduate students and advanced undergraduate students from social sciences, statistics, health studies, public policy, and social services administration who will be or are currently involved in quantitative research. Research questions about why an intervention works, for whom, under what conditions, and whether one individual's treatment could affect other individuals' outcomes are often key to the advancement of scientific knowledge yet pose major analytic challenges. This course introduces cutting-edge theoretical concepts and methodological approaches with regard to mediation of intervention effects, moderated intervention effects, and spillover effects in a variety of settings. The course content is organized around six case studies. In each case, students will be involved in critical examinations of a working paper currently under review. Background readings will reflect the latest developments and controversies. Weekly labs will provide supplementary tutorials and hands-on experiences with mediation and moderation analyses. All students are expected to contribute to the knowledge building in class through participation in discussions. Students are encouraged to form study groups, while the two written assignments are to be finished and graded on an individual basis.