Autumn 2020 STAT 33500.

Course: STAT 33500=BUSN 41910

Title: Time-series Analysis for Forecasting and Model Building

Instructor(s): Jeffrey Russell

Teaching Assistant(s): TBA

Class Schedule: Sec 50: F 1:30 PM–4:30 PM (Remote)

Description: Forecasting plays an important role in business planning and decision making. This Ph.D.-level course discusses time series models that have been widely used in business and economic data analysis and forecasting. Both theory and methods of the models are discussed. Real examples are used throughout the course to illustrate applications. The topics covered include: (1) stationary and unit-root non-stationary processes; (2) linear dynamic models, including Autoregressive Moving Average models; (3) model building and data analysis; (4) prediction and forecasting evaluation; (5) asymptotic theory for estimation including unit-root theory; (6) models for time varying volatility; (7) models for time varying correlation including Dynamic Conditional Correlation and time varying factor models.; (9) state-space models and Kalman filter; and (10) models for high frequency data. Course description is subject to change.

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