Winter 2020 STAT 31100=CMSC 37812, MATH

Course: STAT 31100=CMSC 37812, MATH 38309

Title: Mathematical Computation III: Numerical Methods for PDEs

Instructor(s): Yuehaw Khoo

Teaching Assistant(s): Yuming Chen

Class Schedule: Sec 01:TR 11:00 AM-12:20 PM in Jones 226

Office Hours:  Larsson, Thomee, Partial Differential Equations with Numerical Methods


Description: This course covers important classes of numerical methods for partial differential equations, notably finite differences and finite element methods. The emphasis is on understanding the accuracy of these methods with a view on the role they play in today's science and engineering problems. The class is suitable for graduate students from all departments who have affinities with applied mathematics.

(Superset of the) topics:
1. Short review of the theory of ODEs and PDEs
2. Finite differences approaches: stability, consistency, convergence
3. Finite element methods: theory, numerical analysis, implementation
4. Some basic numerical approaches for problems with multiple time and/or space scales
5. A quick incursion into simulations of equations with random parameters

Prerequisites: Numerical linear algebra at the level of STAT 24300/30750 and basic Fourier series.