Spring 2020 STAT 20000

Course: STAT 20000

Title: Elementary Statistics

Instructor(s): Kendra Burbank

Teaching Assistant(s): Irina Cristali, Wei Kuang

Class Schedule: Sec 01:MWF 9:30 AM–10:20 AM in TBA

Office Hours:  

Textbook(s): Freedman, Pisani, and Purves, Statistics, 4th edition.

Description: This course introduces statistical concepts and methods for the collection, presentation, analysis, and interpretation of data. Elements of sampling, simple techniques for analysis of means, proportions, and linear association are used to illustrate both effective and fallacious uses of statistics.

Note(s): For students with little or no math background. Not recommended for students planning to take STAT 22000 or STAT 23400 or more advanced courses in Statistics. Students with credit for STAT 22000, STAT 23400 or more advanced courses in Statistics not admitted. This course may not be used in the Statistics major or minor. This course meets one of the general education requirements in the mathematical sciences.