Summer 2020 STAT 39800

Course: STAT 39800
Title: Field Research
Instructor(s): Mei Wang
Description: This summer course offers graduate students in the Statistics Department the opportunity to apply statistics knowledge that they have acquired to a real industry or business situation. During the summer quarter in which they are registered for the course, students complete a paid or unpaid internship of at least six weeks. Prior to the start of the work experience, students secure faculty consent for an independent study project to be completed during the internship quarter. At the end of the work assignment, students submit a paper describing how the statistical theories can be applied to the work experience.

The course will be listed on the transcript for 50–100 units. This course should not be counted as one of the courses for Master's or PhD degree.

Grades: Pass/fail, based on research proposal, satisfactory completion of fieldwork, and final paper. The final paper must include a detailed explanation of the projects and tasks the student completed during the internship and how this experience solidified the student's academic training.

Prerequisites: At least three quarters with a minimum of nine courses completed toward the Master's or PhD degree.