Spring 2020 STAT 37601=CMSC 25025

Course: STAT 37601=CMSC 25025

Title: Machine Learning and Large-Scale Data Analysis

Instructor(s): Yali Amit

Teaching Assistant(s): Sen Na, Zhisheng Xiao

Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 2:00 PM-3:20 PM in Ryerson 251

Office Hours: 

Description: This course is an introduction to machine learning and the  analysis of large data sets using distributed computation and storage  infrastructure. Basic machine learning methodology and relevant  statistical theory will be presented in lectures. Homework exercises  will give students hands-on experience with the methods on different  types of data. Methods include algorithms for clustering, binary  classification, and hierarchical Bayesian modeling. Data types include  images, archives of scientific articles, online ad clickthrough logs,  and public records of the City of Chicago. Programming will be based on  Python and R, but previous exposure to these languages is not assumed.