Spring 2020 STAT 10001

Course: STAT 10001

Title: Collaborative Learning in Statistics 20000

Instructor(s): Kendra Burbank

Teaching Assistant(s): TBA

Class Schedule: Sec 01: M 5:00 PM-7:00 PM in Cobb 107

Description: This is an optional, limited enrollment workshop for students concurrently enrolled in STAT 2000 Elementary Statistics. Undergraduate Team Leaders guide small groups of students in weekly workshops. The workshops focus on the analysis of problem sets designed to augment and complement the Elementary Statistics material. Instead of tutoring or lecturing, Team Leaders coach students as they work collaboratively in small groups on the assigned problems by referencing class lectures and assigned reading materials. The workshops do not repeat but extend the substantive discussions and lectures of the Elementary Statistics course. Additionally, these workshops aim to develop communication skills, cooperative attitudes, and promote a teamwork environment. Because the benefits of collaborative learning can only be gained through consistent effort and attendance, this zero-credit course is graded P/F based on the student’s level of participation and attendance.

Prerequisite(s): Concurrent enrollment in STAT 20000.