Meet Ayman Moawad, SM’20

How was your experience in the MS program in Statistics?

The learning experience at UChicago is phenomenal. The program is very rigorous and provided me with a solid theoretical core in Statistics that I leverage until today. The coursework covers many areas, from pure classical statistics to more modern applications of statistics taught by leaders in their fields. The statistics department also connects with other departments within the school. I enjoyed working on projects in mathematics, computer science, psychology, medicine, etc. and collaborating with interesting people from different backgrounds through consulting. I am especially very grateful for experiencing this broad coverage of statistics and the cross-domain aspect of the program.

Did you feel that the environment in the department was inclusive?

Yes, for sure. The faculty, staff, and students come from different parts of the world. Everyone shared a welcoming, warm, kind, and inclusive mindset.

Did you feel that you had enough support within the department from faculty and staff to assist in any needs you may have had?

The faculty is very generous with their time, and I was lucky to be able to spend one-on-one time with incredible professors. I related my thesis to some of my work-related projects at Argonne National Laboratory, and I received precious insights from my advisor Professor Wei Biao Wu, with whom I share a paper on this work today.

How were your job prospects after graduating, and what are you doing now?

I am a research engineer in Machine Learning at Argonne National Laboratory. I mainly work on applications for connected and automated vehicles, intelligent transportation systems, and mobility, focusing on the vehicle/system energy efficiency aspect.

Are there aspects of your degree program that have been particularly relevant or useful in your job hunt or current work?

The solid theoretical foundation formed during the coursework has been crucial to much of my data analysis and predictive modeling work. Also, that strong basis helps me expand and absorb new concepts from reading papers and thinking critically about the research, the experiment design, the models, and the results involved.

Is there anything else you would like to add for prospective students to know when applying to the program?

Be ready to meet exceptional minds, be challenged, and learn. The experience is gratifying, and it will shape you forever.