Mini-Seminars for Second-Year PhDs

1:00–4:00 pm Jones 303

5747 S. Ellis Avenue

Moderator: Soumyabrata Kundu

1:15 pm: Bhattacharyya, Aabesh, "Group Weighted Conformal Prediction"
1:30 pm: Bonnerjee, Soham, "Gaussian Approximation For Non-stationary Time Series with Optimal Rate and Explicit Construction"
1:45 pm: Cheng, Yuwei, "Learning from a Learning User for Optimal Recommendations"
2:00 pm: Dharmakeerthi, Kulunu Ransika, "Two-player Perspectives for Adversarial Learning"
2:15 pm: Gan, Ziming, "Model-free Conditional Independence Testing for Alternative Polyadenylation"
2:30 pm: Park, Kiho, "The Geometry of Meaning in Large Language Models"
2:45 pm: Tsui, Cheuk To, "Inductive Matrix Completion with Noise"
3:00 pm: Wang, Yuguan, "Efficient Algorithms for Cryo-EM Reconstruction with Method of Moments"
3:15 pm: Zhu, Xiaohan, "Higher Criticism to Compare Two Large Frequency Tables, with Sensitivity to Possible Rare and Weak Differences"
3:30 pm: O'Hagan, Sean, "Query-Efficient Sample-Based Approximate Bayesian Computation"
3:45 pm: Xie, Xiao (Annie), "Empirical Bayes Matrix Factorization and Applications to Mutational Signatures"

Event Type

StudentSeminar, Colloquia, Seminars

May 19