Spring Quarter Graduates

May 10, 2022

Congratulations and best wishes to our Spring Quarter 2022 graduates!

Ahmed Bou-Rabee, PhD Student
Ahmed Bou-Rabee, PhD
Xialiang Dou, PhD student
Xialiang Dou, PhD
Nathan Gill, PhD Student
Nathan Gill, PhD
Yi Liu, PhD Student
Yi Liu, PhD
Lizhen Nie, PhD student
Lizhen Nie, PhD
Abby Stevens, PhD student
Abby Stevens, PhD
Jiacheng Wang, PhD student
Jiacheng Wang, PhD
Qing Yan, PhD
Qing Yan, PhD
Melissa Adrian, PhD student
Melissa Adrian, MS
Aoxue Chen, MS student
Aoxue Chen, MS
Junyu Chen, MS student
Junyu Chen, MS
Jarrod Dominguez, MS student
Jarrod Dominguez, MS
Yanhao Dong, MS student
Yanhao Dong, MS
Tanmay Gupta, BX/MS Student
Tanmay Gupta, BX
Ji-Eon Kim, MS student
Ji-Eon Kim, MS
Zhe Kong, MS student
Zhe (Klaus) Kong, MS
Ethan Asher Lewis, BX/MS Student
Ethan Lewis, MS
Xiaohan Li, MS student
Xiaohan Li, MS
Song Liang, MS
Song Liang, MS
Heming Liu, MS student
Heming Liu, MS
Qiqi Liu, MS student
Qiqi Liu, MS
Yating Liu, MS student
Yating Liu, MS
Yi-Lin Liu, MS student
Yi-Lin Liu, MS
Matthew (Matt) Ludwig, MS Student
Matthew Ludwig, MS
Jingyang Lyu, MS student
Jingyang Lyu, MS
Nicholas Park, MS student
Nicholas Park, MS
Benjamin Picker, MS student
Benjamin Picker, MS
John Potrykus, MS student
John (Jack) Potrykus, MS
Raphael Rossellini, MS student
Raphael Rossellini, MS
Zehao Shao, MS student
Zehao Shao, MS
Xiaomeng Wang, BX/MS student
Xiaomeng Wang, BX
Ruiyi Wang, MS student
Ruiyi Wang, MS
Wenqi Yan, MS student
Wenqi Yan, MS
Young-Joo Yun, MS student
Young-Joo Yun, MS

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