Orientation Week Events

SEPTEMBER 21-25, 2020 

Maps of campus and Hyde Park are available at


Diagnostic Exam—MONDAY September 14th

All new students must complete the take-home diagnostic exam and return it to their faculty advisor by Friday, September 18th or Monday, September 21st at the latest. Your advisor will need time to review your exam before approving your course registration. If you cannot find your advisor, email your exam to Keisha Prowoznik at kprowoznik@statistics.uchicago.edu.
Required for: all new students—EXAM BY EMAIL AND SCAN COPY TO ADVISOR

Course Registration

Graduate student registration opens for new and continuing students at 8:30 am, Monday-Friday, September 21-25.
New and returning students should meet with advisors VIA ZOOM, register online, and email their advisor-approved paper registration forms to Keisha Prowoznik at kprowoznik@statistics.uchicago.edu  no later than September 25th, at noon.
Required for: all students


International Graduate Student Orientation with UChicagoGRAD, Payroll, and OIA

Students can view/register for the events here.
Thursday September 3, 2020 - 2PM - Students living in US for Autumn Quarter
Thursday September 10, 2020 - 8AM - Students living outside US for Autumn Quarter
Friday September 11, 2020 - 2PM - All students welcome regardless of physical location for Autumn Quarter

PSD Welcome & Orientation

Online Orientation for International Students


Faculty, students, and staff to upload their photo

Orientation Meeting for Incoming MS Students

9:30-10:45 am
Zoom Meeting
Dept. Master’s Advisor Dr. Mei Wang, and Student Affairs Specialist Keisha Prowoznik will provide an overview of the MS academic program.

Orientation Meeting for Incoming PhD Students

11:00 am–Noon
Zoom Meeting
Prof. Yali Amit and Student Affairs Specialist Keisha Prowoznik will provide an overview of the PhD academic program.
Required for: all new PhD students

IT Informational Session

Noon–12:45 pm
Zoom Meeting
John Zekos and Mitzi Nakatsuka will explain computational resources in the Department of the Statistics and across campus.

Library Resources Information Session

2:00 pm—2:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
Jennifer Hart, Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science Librarian, will give an overview of library services and resources available to all students.


Successful Collaboration

9:30 am—10:00 am
Zoom Meeting
Prof. Dan Nicolae and Dr. Mei Wang will lead a discussion on collaboration within the Department. All students are welcome.
Required for: all new students

NOON—Deadline for Course Registration

UChicagoGRAD: Career Development and Fellowships

1:30 pm—2:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
Director of GRAD Fellowships and Writing, Beth Powers
Assistant Director, GRAD Career Development, Josephine Cai
UChicagoGRAD resources for career development and fellowships. Instructional and Administrative Support Specialist Kirsten Wellman will provide also reach out with information on Department career resources.
Required for: all students

Fire Safety Training

2:30 pm–3:00 pm
ZOOM Meeting with Kim Mormon
Fire safety training presentation.
Required for: all students

Second-year PhD Students Orientation Meeting

3:30 pm–4:00 pm
Zoom Meeting
Profs. Mary Sara McPeek and Peter McCullagh will provide an overview of academic matters for returning PhD students.
Required for: all second-year PhD students


Autumn Quarter Begins
First day of classes
See the Course Search for details.


General Student Meeting and Election of Student Representatives
5:00 pm—5:30 pm
Zoom Meeting
Chair Dan Nicolae will lead a brief meeting, including the election of new student representatives.
Required for: all students

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