Information for First and Second Year Ph.D. Students in Statistics

The components of the first year program are:

The core sequences—the material which is covered on the prelims:

  • Applied Statistics    34300, 34700, 34800
  • Theoretical Statistics    30400, 30100, 30210
  • Probability   30400, 38100, 38300

See the Department Course Schedule for fall for a listing of current courses. You should discuss the choice of your third course in the fall with your advisor.

In their second year, Ph.D. students typically take a number of advanced topics  courses in statistics, probability, computation, and applications. These should be selected with the dual objective of (i) acquiring a broad overview of current research areas, and (ii) settling on a particular research topic and dissertation supervisor. Students have considerable latitude in selecting their second-year courses, but their programs must be approved by the Department Graduate Advisor.

Feel free to see your advisor or the Department Graduate Student Advisor Prof. Yali Amit, whenever you have questions.

Last update:  4/10/20